Our mission

TreeD Investment Fund PCC and TreeD Fund Manager Limited - an international team of professionals specializing in investments in perspective IT projects. Our mission is to support and stimulate innovation, create global projects and bring ambitious ideas to life.

TreeD Investment Fund PCC invests in projects by Gem Space international alliance.

Gem Space Group – international Group of Companies that engages in professional development and promotion on the market of unique mobile applications - Superapps, marketplaces and fintech solutions in various regions of the world.

Investment fund

TreeD Investment Fund PCC - an ideal solution for those who seek perspective projects to invest capital in.

Security of your investment is our priority. We use advanced data protection technologies in order to provide maximized protection of your funds and your personal information.

TreeD Investment Fund PCC - ability to profitably invest capital in development of global mobile applications created by Gem Space Group of Companies.

We value trust of our investors and strive to provide maximized profitability of their investments.


The purpose of establishing TreeD Investment Fund is to attract investment for developing and promoting highly-profitable IT-projects: Gem Space SuperApp mobile application, Gem Market commercial marketplace and other prospective IT projects.

The Fund’s final goal is locating commercially successful projects to invest in and offering investing opportunities to a broad range of investors. The Fund’s core objective is to provide investment transparency and security.

You may familiarize yourself with the Fund’s projects in further detail in the Projects section.

Advantages of TreeD Investment Fund:

  • Participation in financing projects during their final stages of development which boast significant perspectives and accomplishments.
  • Having a license: the Company maintains a license to conduct its business activity. It serves as a guarantee of the Fund’s operation in compliance with principles of international legislature.
  • Team professionalism: results that we’ve accomplished over the course of development and promotion of Gem Space mobile application serve as confirmation of high qualification, experience and reputation of our team.
  • Complete transparency for investing and investor protection: each investor completes a verification process, gets enlisted in The Registry of Shareholders and receives a Certificate of share ownership.
  • Investment accessibility for all categories of investors. Our Fund allows for investors of various categories to participate in the investment market. Investing is available to both private, as well as, qualified and institutional investors.